11 Effective Ways To Ask For Google Reviews

Your business needs Google reviews.

It doesn’t matter whether you run an e-commerce store, self-employed trade, or local restaurant; Google reviews are important for improving your service, growing your reputation, and increasing search engine visibility.

We all know that Google is the world’s leading search engine. Not surprisingly, it’s also the most popular review platform on the internet.

Customers are willing to post reviews – something you might not have thought is the case.

But, the thing is, you can’t expect all your customers to post them.

This is why it is important to ask, as 70% of customers will leave a review for a business if asked.

That’s a big percentage of reviews your business can receive – if you ask your customers for their reviews.

But you also need to ask them using the most effective ways. Here’s how.

Get More Google Reviews: 11 Effective Ways To Ask

Ask For Reviews Using Email

Customer email addresses are generally not hard to collect and email is a non-intrusive method of communication.

This makes email among the most popular, and easiest, ways to request reviews.

And as it turns out, over half of US consumers prefer brands to contact them via email over other methods.

When sending a review request email, the most important thing is including a link to your review page.

This will make it quicker and easier for the customer to write a review – increasing your chances of receiving one.

It’s also important to address the customer by their name, thank them for using your business, and express why you value their feedback. 

Still, you want to keep your emails brief and to the point.

Long-winded emails can obscure the purpose of your message and even make customers lose interest.

Review Request Email Example Template

“Hi, (name),

Thank you for choosing our business – we hope you enjoyed our (product/service).

If you have a spare moment, would you mind writing a review? We love to hear our customers’ feedback!

We look forward to serving you again.

(Your name/business name)”

Ask For Reviews Using Social Media 

We don’t need to tell you how popular social media is.

With engaging content, platforms like Facebook are perfect for generating an online buzz around your brand.

And if you take the right approach to get Facebook reviews, you can also drive more business.

There’s no harm in creating a Facebook post that asks for Google reviews or draws attention to your Google Business page.

This is another effective way you can get more Google reviews – even without directly asking.

In fact, Google Business Profile Marketing Kit is ideal for this purpose.

The free marketing tools will help you to create professional, visually appealing content that links to your Google review page or, if you want, showcase a particular customer review.

What’s great about social media is the creativity you have at your fingertips: the use of media (images, videos) and the brand voice you can adopt when posting content and replying to comments. 

Overall, social media can be highly effective for asking for reviews directly and indirectly, as it gives you the ability to engage with customers in multiple ways.

Social Media Review Request Post Example

“We love hearing our customers’ feedback! Check out our great reviews and, while you’re at it, why not tell us about your experience?”

Ask For Reviews In Person

Consider yourself old-school?

If your business involves interacting with customers in person, you might be glad to know that there’s nothing wrong with asking for reviews post-purchase.

This can be a short, casual comment that either prompts the customer to write a review or lets them know that your business is on Google (and that they can, if they want to, write a review).

Of course, asking for customer reviews in person should be done after a completed transaction or service – and ideally as the last thing said so that the customer leaves thinking about it.

There is one downside, however, which is that you cannot verbally give the customer a link to your Google review page – at least not easily.

There’s a good chance that the customer won’t remember it, either.

Despite that, requesting for a review in person doesn’t require much effort from you or your staff, so it’s worth doing nevertheless.

In Person Review Request Example

“Just to let you know, we’re on Google if you would like to write us a review. Thank you again and hope to see you soon!”

Ask For Reviews With Store Banners

Letting your customers know that you have a Google Business page can help you to get more reviews – even if it doesn’t involve directly asking.

And one of the ways you can do this is by displaying Google Business banners, signs, or logos in your store or place of business. 

This sends one simple message to your customers: your business is on Google, therefore it’s possible for them to write a review for your business if they want to.

For customers who actively write reviews, noticing a banner or sign (displayed on the counter or on your window, for example) can be enough to incentivize them to search for your business on Google and write a review.

You might be glad to know that Google Business Profile Marketing Kit can also be used to help you create Google banners and logos – including posters and window stickers. 

You can design your banners with text that encourages customers to either write a review (“Review Our Business on Google”) or simply check out your business page (“We’re on Google!”). 

And to showcase your online reputation to customers, you can even design your banners to incorporate your current star rating and the total number of Google reviews your business has received.

Ask For Reviews On Customer Receipts

Did you know that paper receipts and even order confirmation emails can be used to get more reviews on Google?

Much like store signs and banners, displaying a small Google Business logo at the bottom of receipts and order emails is a simple but effective way to tell customers that your business is on Google.

You can also include a short message to inspire action, such as: “How did we do? Write a review on Google!”.

Of course, not all customers will look at their receipts and order confirmation emails.

But for the customers who do, this is another way that you can draw attention to your Google Business Page to get more Google reviews.

Ask For Reviews With Feedback Surveys

Customer reviews are a form of customer feedback – and all feedback is essential for improving your business.

It helps you to find out what your customers like (what needs to stay the same) and what your customers dislike (what needs to change or be improved).

But while customer reviews can offer valuable feedback, it’s up to the customer what they choose to write about.

So reviews are not always ideal for collecting data – especially when you want feedback on something specific.

That’s where feedback surveys come in, which you can leverage to ask your customers the questions you want answers to. 

And your questions can be about anything: your products, customer service, in-store experience, website, or social media content. 

You can design your feedback surveys to be short and simple or long and detailed, with multiple choice answers or written answers.

These can also be physical handouts or online questionnaires.

But no matter how you choose to design them, feedback surveys are another effective way to ask for a Google review, as you can close the survey with a small prompt, such as:

Thank you for filling out our survey. If you have another minute, please help us further by summarizing your feedback in a Google review.”

Ask For Reviews From Repeat Customers

Ask For Reviews From Repeat Customers

If a customer uses your business for a second time or more, then you’re definitely doing something right. 

And should you notice this, it’s a prime opportunity to ask the customer for a Google review., since there’s a good chance that their review will be positive.

If the customer has already posted a Google review, however, you can take the opportunity to ask for a testimonial instead.

Either way, repeat customers are typically happy customers, so it’s well worth reaching out to them to ask if they can share their experience online.

The same also applies to customers who tag your business or products on social media, sign up to your email list after making a purchase, or refer a friend using a promo code. 

All of these are positive customer actions and, as a result, ideal opportunities to ask for a review.

Ask For Reviews Using Delivery Thank You Notes

Does your business involve shipping products to customers?

A delivery is a completed order, needless to say, which makes it a suitable opportunity to ask the customer for a review.

Along with the customer’s product and order receipt, consider including a short thank you note that ends with a review request.

You can expect most customers to appreciate this personal touch, which can also increase the chance of them writing a review for your business.

This thank you note can be handwritten or printed – it’s up to you, depending on how you want to present it.

Either way, an example for how to word thank you note and review request can be along the lines of: 

“Hi (name), we hope you enjoy your (product)! 

Feedback helps us to improve our service for valued customers like yourself, so we would love to know what you think.

Simply use the URL address below to share your experience – it only takes a minute! 

Thank you for ordering from (your business name).”

Ask For Reviews On Your Website

Embedding Google reviews on your website is the best way to make your website more professional, legitimize your products or services, and increase your business’s credibility. 

In fact, showcasing customer reviews on your business website can serve the same purpose as testimonials: to back up the quality of the products or services you claim to provide while inspiring trust and confidence in new website visitors.

With a professional Google reviews widget, you can display your best Google reviews on the website pages of your choice.

Ideally, this should be where potential customers are most likely to see them, such as on your homepage or products/services pages.

The best Google reviews widgets will effortlessly pull in your most recent Google reviews, as well as directly link the review(s) and your Google Business page.

This can engage potential customers, as well as inspire revisiting customers to follow suit and share their experience with your business in a review.

Aside from using a reviews widget, you can also display a Google logo that links your Google Business page, accompanied by a short message that asks for a review, such as:

“Have you used our (products/services)? Write a review on our Google page!”

Ask For Reviews Using SMS 

SMS, or text messages, are another effective way to reach out to your customers and ask for Google reviews.

And as it turns out, SMS has a 98% open rate compared to emails.

This isn’t hard to believe as, after all, text messages are short and quick to read.

As long as the customer has willingly provided their mobile number (for example, by signing up or filling in a form) and agreed to receive text messages from you, you can use SMS to ask for Google reviews.

Like review request emails, however, you need to include a link that takes the customer straight to your review page.

And despite being short, SMS review requests still require careful attention, as they need to be to the point (under 160 characters) yet friendly and persuasive to avoid being blunt or unengaging.

SMS Review Request Example Template

“Hi (name), thank you for choosing (business). If you have a minute, we would love to hear your feedback! Please tap the link to write a review: (URL).”

Ask For Reviews Using Automated Review Requests

Did you know that you can automate review requests to get more reviews?

Sending emails and text messages to ask your customers for reviews has one thing in common: the process is manual and, as a result, time-consuming.

And if your business deals with hundreds of customers per month, sending review requests is, well, far too much to do – let alone keep track of.

This is where automation can improve your business.

With a powerful review request tool, you won’t have to manually send review requests to customers, as it will do it for you automatically.

This will boost workflow efficiency and also increase the chance of getting reviews.

All you will have to do is put in the customers’ details (such as their email addresses and cell phone numbers), leaving no customer unaccounted for.

Needless to say, automation is by far the easiest and most effective way to get more Google reviews on this list.

How To Ask For Google Reviews?

No matter which way you ask for a review, how you ask is important.

This doesn’t just affect whether or not the customer decides to write a review or not, but your reputation as a business.

Review requests should always be polite, friendly, and non-demanding. 

You should also aim to be brief (using as few words as possible) to keep the message and call to action clear.

To further persuade your customers to write a review, you can express why their feedback matters. 

For example, expressing that their feedback will help you to improve your service for them and other customers, or provide information that ends up helping other customers.

How Not To Ask For Google Reviews

What’s just as important as knowing how to ask for a review is knowing how not to ask for a review.

First, if a customer doesn’t respond to your first few review requests, avoid sending more.

The customer might view it as harassment, resulting in an email unsubscription/block or even the decision to stop using your business altogether.

Three is usually a good number – more than that and it’s annoying.

It’s also important to not offer an incentive or any kind of payment to encourage the customer to complete your review request.

This can come across as bribery and is even a violation of Google’s review policy. The same applies to only asking for positive reviews. 

The good news is that by using a tool that makes it easy to get reviews, you won’t have to ask for positive reviews and send follow-up requests – or even ask your customers at all.

ReputationStacker Makes It Easy To Get More Reviews

As you have found out, the most effective way to get more reviews on Google is using automation.

It streamlines the entire process, making review requests automatic. That’s what ReputationStacker can do for your business. 

Using powerful automation, ReputationStacker can effortlessly grow your business’s online reputation using a proven review funnel that automatically increases your reviews.

And it doesn’t just work for Google reviews, but Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, and more.

Put simply, this is the most effective way to ask for Google reviews.

And you don’t even have to do the asking. Reputation Stacker simply takes care of it all for you.


Ian Kirby has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years. Having worked both with and for digital marketing agencies and in-house with multiple companies, he has a specific interest and expertise in online reputation management, online reviews, and the implementation of business systems. Ian’s writing, videos, and interviews have garnered millions of reads, views, and listens.


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