• Introduction

  • System Overview

  • The Review Funnel

  • Automated Invites

  • A Complete System

Intro: How It Works

Watch how ReputationStacker works to automatically get more online reviews for your business.

1) Introduction

ReputationStacker is an automated platform that makes it incredibly easy to get you more online reviews.

2) System Overview

Let's get a big picture of exactly how the system works to automate your review generation.

3) The Review Funnel

Choose the review sites that are most important to your business and customize which customers gets sent to them to post reviews.

4) Automated Invites

All you have to do is enter your customers into the system and it takes over from there, gently nudging those who need reminders to help you get the most reviews.

5) A Reputation Management System

ReputationStacker doesn't just get you more reviews. Tools, review monitoring, and reporting make it a complete online reputation management system.

1: How The System Works

Generating reviews is easy with ReputationStacker. It's an extremely effective automated system.

2: System Overview

The ReputationStacker interface is simple, intuitive, and will have you getting online reviews for your business within minutes.

3: The Review Funnel

Customize the system to automatically determine which of your customers are sent to review sites to post reviews.

4: Automated Invites

If your customers don't post a review the first time, the system automatically follows up with them and gently encourages them to post a review.

5: Total Online Reputation Management

ReputationStacker doesn’t just help you get more positive online reviews, it’s also a complete Online Reputation Management system.

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