How To Get Patients To Write Reviews

Asking patients for reviews is often painful and ineffective. ReputationStacker does all the work for you so you can get more patient reviews and focus on providing the best care.

of patients use reviews to evaluate physicians 
check reviews first when finding a new doctor
will go out-of-network for a better-reviewed provider

When You Get More Patient Reviews, You Get More New Patients

Just a few years ago, getting reviews from patients wasn't a very important part of your practice. But things have changed.

Research shows that 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate their healthcare providers, whether they're just reading reviews written by other patients or writing the reviews themselves.

And while new patient referrals from your colleagues are still very important, 71% of patients use online reviews as the very first step in finding a new provider.

The same research shows that 43% of patients would go out of their insurance network to see a provider with better reviews than an in-network physician.

The importance of getting reviews from patients can't be ignored. ReputationStacker makes getting those reviews easy so you can focus on providing the best care and experience for your patients.

Get Patient Reviews... Automatically

Why does it seem like only cranky patients leave reviews? What about all of your happy patients - why don't they tell the world what an excellent provider you are?

The truth is that most patients either don't think to post an online review, or they just never get around to it. And most practices just don't know how to get patients to leave reviews. But we've fixed all that...

ReputationStacker makes getting reviews from patients easy. Our software automatically sends patients a one-question survey, then asks your patients to post an online review on the review sites of your choice.

More Than Just Patient Reviews

In addition to taking away the pain of asking patients for reviews and getting you a steady stream of new reviews, ReputationStacker includes a full suite of marketing, reporting, and reputation management tools. 

Our Review Stream widget allows you to show your reviews on your own website. It even automatically updates itself with new reviews whenever your patients post them to an online review site.

Detailed reports are automatically generated and can be emailed to your staff on a schedule that you set. And our tracking dashboard shows you the actions that each patient has taken and how the system has followed up with them.

ReputationStacker gives you full control of your patient reviews and your entire online reputation.

Here's what our clients are saying:

Before ReputationStacker, getting patients to write reviews was nearly impossible. Even figuring out how to ask patients for reviews in a way that wasn't uncomfortable was difficult, but we tried. We even held office competitions for reviews with our staff, but we could never get more than a few reviews.

Since we started using ReputationStacker our practice has gotten at least 10 new positive reviews every month. The software makes it so easy to get patients to write Google reviews and to leave reviews on healthcare-specific review sites like Healthgrades and RateMDs.

I can't recommend this service enough to other physicians and healthcare providers who need help getting patient reviews.

How doctors get patients to write google reviews

Dr. David Kim


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