How To Get More Reviews For My Business

How Getting More Online Reviews Can Change Your Business

Your business is perfect. Your customers are satisfied, your employees are competent, your profits are robust, the bathroom never runs out of toilet paper, a drone delivers a gourmet lunch at exactly noon each day, your dedicated masseuse is always on hand to rub your shoulders – hey, is that Tom Hanks working in the next cubicle?

Nope, you’re dreaming. Because no matter how well your business is doing, it’s not perfect. You can always improve. Making those improvements isn’t easy, though. Hiring a consultant or doing extensive renovations is expensive. And what if changing one thing actually makes two other things worse?

No matter what type of improvements your business needs, online reviews can help you achieve them. Posts on sites like Yelp and Google have tremendous influence over your customers.

That may be hard to believe when you think about the reviews you’ve seen that say things like, “Food was okay, parking lot was weird.” But the research is clear: most of us use online reviews to help us make decisions about where we spend money.

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Real Estate Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents

How’s your headshot? As a real estate agent, you probably have one that’s printed on your signs, featured on your website and maybe even splashed across billboards and bus benches.

On photo day, did you roll out of bed and plop yourself in front of the photographer, trusting that whatever image he captured would be good enough? Or did you put in some time and effort to make sure you got the best possible photo, one that represents your professional polish?

You probably did the latter. Real estate is one business in which image and reputation are both critical, and you know better than anyone that those things have to be cultivated.

Like the owner who repaints his kitchen and updates his landscaping to get a better price for his house, you can get more clients by maintaining a positive online reputation.

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How Online Reputation Management Works

Online Reputation Management Tools: How They Work

“Online reputation management,” like “high current income mutual fund” and “a Kardashian said,” is one of those phrases that probably makes your eyes glaze over.

No judgment; reputation management may sound dry and dull if it’s not part of your job. It’s also the kind of term that gets thrown around a lot but doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. But in most businesses, online reputation management simply means making sure that customers are saying good things about you online.

And while some businesses use shady practices to ensure their positive online reputation, it’s actually easier (not to mention more ethical) to tackle this in a straightforward way. It’s as simple as this:

Give your customers great service, and systemize the way you handle the rest. You’re responsible for the first part. Reputation tools help you do the second.

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Chiropractic Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for Chiropractors

When the bar trivia theme is “the human skeleton,” you’re the expert everyone turns to. But when it comes to online reputation management, no one expects a chiropractor to have all the answers.

It’s time to prove them all wrong. Mastering these business-building skills is shockingly easy when you use the right tools.

And considering that your reputation has the power to make or break your practice, you can’t afford to ignore it.

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How To Manage Customer Service For Your Business

The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Customer Service For Your Business

Running a business would be so easy if not for those pesky customers. You know, the ones who also keep your business afloat and without whom you wouldn’t be able to survive?

But, wow, those customers are not always right. Some yank at your locked doors even when you’ve clearly closed up for the night, and they may be snippy and rude to even your sweetest employees.

You probably have at least one problem customer who perhaps believes she was royalty in a previous life and is therefore entitled to discounts… all the time… on everything.

And yet, keeping your customers happy and making them feel respected and valued is absolutely critical.

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Dentist Online Reputation Management and Reviews

Online Reputation Management for Dentists

It should be reassuring, as more and more industries outsource work and move their processes online, to know that you’ll never be replaced by a virtual dentist.

No telemedicine service will be able to undercut your prices for root canals. No self-driving robot will make house calls to tighten braces… at least, not for another few decades.

But while so many parts of the dental field remain firmly rooted (tooth pun!) in the brick-and-mortar world, your reputation has moved. It now exists almost entirely online. If you want to shape it and make sure it’s as solid and positive a reputation as you deserve, you’re going to have to get online too.

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Online Review Monitoring For Reputation Management

Reputation Management Starts with Monitoring Your Online Reviews

If you could go back in time and talk to shopkeepers and handymen of yore about “online reputation management,” you would quickly earn a reputation of your own: as the town crazy person.

But even if you went back 10 years, people probably still wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

Until fairly recently, online reputation management was an umbrella term that could include any number of shady practices: Bribing bloggers to write about you, paying SEO companies to manipulate your website’s ranking or bury negative feedback, buying fake reviews for your Yelp page: businesses tried them all in the Wild West era of internet commerce (aka the ’00s).

But as consumers and search engine designers have gotten savvier, those questionable practices don’t work so well anymore. Today, it’s nearly impossible to hide or cover up a bad reputation.

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Building Contractors Need To Manage Their Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management For Contractors

If you build a gorgeous house in the forest but no one’s there to Instagram it, did it ever really happen at all?

Well, yeah, and you would have the backaches and splinters to prove it.

But in an age when most people are using the internet to inform their hiring and buying decisions, having an online presence is essential – even in an industry as old school as contracting.

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Customer Feedback Software Price

Customer Feedback Software: What’s It Do? How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It?

It’s a vulnerable thing, running a business.

Your success – your ability to pay your employees, feed your family, keep the Netflix coming – all hinges on the whims of your customers. If they don’t show up every day, willing to exchange their hard-earned money for your services, you’ve got nothing but a bunch of office supplies you don’t need.

So even when those customers are pushy, demanding and insist on texting while you’re trying to talk to them, you need them.

And while you may not personally like every person who walks through the doors (we’re talking about you, Karen), you should appreciate each and every one. Every one of those customers has something valuable to give you: feedback.

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Online Reputation Management for Attorneys

Online Reputation Management for Lawyers

Maybe it was Matlock who inspired you. Maybe when “A Few Good Men” came out you spent weeks daydreaming about hissing “You can’t HANDLE the truth!” across a crowded courtroom. Or maybe it was the gentle and honorable Atticus Finch who influenced your career path.

Or maybe you just liked the idea of practicing law. Whatever propelled you to become a lawyer, it probably wasn’t the vision of a perfect Yelp rating.

So we get it: online reviews probably seem completely irrelevant to your practice. They might even seem frivolous compared to the work that you do.

It doesn’t matter what you think about online reviews, though. They matter to your current clients and prospective clients, and anyone who does a cursory Google search of your name can access them.

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