Building Contractors Need To Manage Their Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management For Contractors

If you build a gorgeous house in the forest but no one’s there to Instagram it, did it ever really happen at all?

Well, yeah, and you would have the backaches and splinters to prove it.

But in an age when most people are using the internet to inform their hiring and buying decisions, having an online presence is essential – even in an industry as old school as contracting.

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Customer Feedback Software Price

Customer Feedback Software: What’s It Do? How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It?

It’s a vulnerable thing, running a business.

Your success – your ability to pay your employees, feed your family, keep the Netflix coming – all hinges on the whims of your customers. If they don’t show up every day, willing to exchange their hard-earned money for your services, you’ve got nothing but a bunch of office supplies you don’t need.

So even when those customers are pushy, demanding and insist on texting while you’re trying to talk to them, you need them.

And while you may not personally like every person who walks through the doors (we’re talking about you, Karen), you should appreciate each and every one. Every one of those customers has something valuable to give you: feedback.

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Online Reputation Management for Attorneys

Online Reputation Management for Lawyers

Maybe it was Matlock who inspired you. Maybe when “A Few Good Men” came out you spent weeks daydreaming about hissing “You can’t HANDLE the truth!” across a crowded courtroom. Or maybe it was the gentle and honorable Atticus Finch who influenced your career path.

Or maybe you just liked the idea of practicing law. Whatever propelled you to become a lawyer, it probably wasn’t the vision of a perfect Yelp rating.

So we get it: online reviews probably seem completely irrelevant to your practice. They might even seem frivolous compared to the work that you do.

It doesn’t matter what you think about online reviews, though. They matter to your current clients and prospective clients, and anyone who does a cursory Google search of your name can access them.

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How To Get Testimonials From Customers

How To Create the Ultimate Testimonials Page for Your Website

Imagine, if you will, a website. It belongs to local burger joint Pete’s Burger Barn. Pete wants your opinion about a few different web page options. He’s got one page that includes a high-quality video of himself leading a tour of the Barn and introducing the smiling, visor-wearing high-schoolers who work the register.

Then Pete shows you a second website page. It’s loaded with excerpts of customer reviews. Each customer’s name has a link that leads you to the exact Yelp or Google review from which the quote was taken.

Now, Pete wants your opinion: Which website page is more likely to convince you to visit his restaurant?

Although the video may be more impressive-looking, it doesn’t actually tell you what you want to know: what it’s like to be a customer at Pete’s. The second page, the one that’s loaded with customer testimonials, however? That’s really convincing.

That’s the power of social proof.

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Doctors Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management For Doctors

If only you got $100 every time a patient mentioned the words “WebMD” and “cancer” in the same sentence, you could afford to leave your office, move to the woods and never hear about patients diagnosing themselves online again.

Of course, that’s not how the world works. Doctors know better than anyone how much the Internet has changed the medical profession, in both good and bad ways.

Telehealth for rural or disabled patients? Helpful. Self-diagnosing every canker sore as a fatal disease? Not so helpful. Online reviews on sites like Healthgrades? It depends…

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How To Get Customer Reviews and Which Sites To Get Them On

Customer Reviews: How to Get Them and the Best Review Sites to Get Them On

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone has a favorite pizza place.

Maybe you’re a Pete’s person, while your spouse swears that Jimbo’s has the superior sauce. Maybe you prefer a chain over local spots, or you hold the (mistaken) belief that frozen pizza is the best. But if you eat pizza, you probably have preferences about where to go for it.

Online review sites are the same way. Just like pizza places, everyone has individual preferences. These sites are hugely influential for your customers, so you have to know your way around the big ones.

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local business online reputation management

Online Reputation Management For Local Businesses

We get it. “Reputation management” sounds like code used by old-timey mobsters or the PR team of a disgraced politician. But businesses of all kinds live and die by their reputations. And a good reputation takes work.

Think of reputation management as a little like selling a house. Would you invite prospective buyers in when the sink is full of dishes, every surface is covered with cat hair, and the fridge is leaking? Or would you try to show off your house looking its best so the right buyer will actually be drawn to it?

That’s what reputation management is all about.

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How To Manage My Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management is as Easy as Doing This One Thing

Oh, if it only it had been this easy to manage your reputation in high school. It may have been impossible to shake an embarrassing nickname or win the acceptance of the cool kids back then, but today you have the power to shape your own narrative – at least when it comes to your business reputation.

In today’s tech-focused world, people trust what they read online. There are certainly plenty of downsides to that, but it’s good news for you.

All you have to do is get people talking about all the great things about your business, and customers will come running.

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How To Get More Online Reviews From My Customers

The Do’s and Don’ts to Getting More Online Reviews From Your Customers

Your grandfather’s farm didn’t need online reviews to succeed, but your farm-to-table restaurant certainly can’t survive without them.

It’s the rare business that can thrive in today’s marketplace on old fashioned word-of-mouth alone.

Today’s consumers expect to be able to read reviews about a business before using it for the first time, simply because they’re in the habit of doing just that.

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Easy Ways To Collect Customer Feedback You Can Use

How To Get Customer Feedback In Five Easy Steps

While you may not always like what your customers say (or how they say it), the feedback they provide about your business is priceless.

You’re the expert on running your business, but your customers are experts on using your business. They can tell you what’s working and help you figure out how to improve the things that aren’t.

All you have to do is follow this simple process to collect their feedback, and then know what to do with it (and we’ll of course tell you how).

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