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Getting Yelp reviews that stick is easy with ReputationStacker.

How to get more Yelp reviews

Get More Yelp Reviews... Automatically

To get positive Yelp reviews to stick (meaning they don't get filtered out immediately), your reviewers need to have posted reviews to Yelp previously.

So how do you find those reviewers? That's the beauty of ReputationStacker. It sends your customers a simple one-question survey, then gives them the choice of which review site to post their review to.

Your customers who are Yelpers will post their review to Yelp where it will typically stick. Your customers who aren't regular Yelpers will usually select to post a review to Google, Facebook, or any other review site you choose to show them.

And automated follow-up emails and text messages are sent to your customers who haven't written a review to make sure you get the most Yelp reviews.

I tried getting Yelp reviews for months. I tried to purchase Yelp reviews (I learned very quickly that this is a bad idea!), I ran promos for my customers, and asked everyone I knew to review my business but I just couldn't figure out how to get more Yelp reviews.

The very first day I signed up for ReputationStacker I got 3 Yelp reviews, and they're still there!

Now I get one to two brand new 5 star Yelp reviews every week. Occasionally one gets filtered out but the majority of them stay posted. For anyone who wants to know how to improve Yelp reviews for your business, ReputationStacker is the answer.

How To Get A Yelp Review

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check Yelp before visiting a business
spend money with a business on Yelp
of Yelp reviews get filtered out

Getting Yelp Reviews Is Easy With ReputationStacker

You know how important Yelp reviews are to your business, and the research is there to back you up. It shows that 45% of all potential customers are likely to check Yelp reviews before visiting a business, and 97% of consumers spend money with a business they find on Yelp. But with Yelp automatically filtering out 29% of all reviews, it's a tricky situation.

Consistently getting high-quality reviews from regular Yelpers is what it takes to drive new business from Yelp.

The good news is that this is exactly what ReputationStacker does for you automatically. It allows your customers who are regular Yelp users to self-select and post their review to Yelp, where it's unlikely to get filtered out.

Getting more Yelp reviews from regular Yelpers on a consistent basis means fresh reviews, a better rating, and more new customers for your business.

Yelp used to be the raincloud that followed our business around wherever we went. No matter how many good reviews we got, they would disappear after a day or two, and a couple of bad reviews always stuck at the top our listing.

We watched in total frustration as our competition kept getting more reviews on Yelp while the few we got always got removed from our page unless they were negative. Figuring out how to boost Yelp reviews for our business was driving us crazy.

Then we found ReputationStacker. It's so simple but it makes so much sense. Our clients who use Yelp on a regular basis choose to post their reviews on Yelp, and those reviews don't get filtered.

Within a few months of using ReputationStacker we stopped worrying about Yelp reviews at all because the system takes care of it for us. It couldn't be easier.

How to get your customers to post reviews on Yelp

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It Does More Than Just Help Generate Yelp Reviews

Sure ReputationStacker makes getting Yelp reviews easy, but it does so much more. With review monitoring, the system alerts you when new reviews are posted to Yelp or any other online review sites you choose.

Our Review Stream widget uses the same technology to show off your Yelp reviews on your own website. It updates itself whenever a customer posts a new Yelp review.

Detailed reports show the most important stats and indicators for your reviews, allowing you to always keep up-to-date with what people are saying about your business.

ReputationStacker makes it easy to collect and manage Yelp reviews, and oversee your entire online reputation.

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