Podium Pricing Breakdown: Features, Costs, and Free Trial Details for Small Businesses

Podium is a leading text marketing and communication software for small businesses. The platform allows companies to connect with customers via text messaging and build stronger relationships through personalized, targeted campaigns.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a detailed breakdown of Podium’s pricing plans and features. With multiple editions available, it can be difficult for small business owners to determine what plan is right for their needs and budget. We will outline what is included at each pricing tier, any additional costs, and do a comparison to competitors. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to evaluate if Podium is the right text marketing software for your business.

Podium’s Pricing Plans

Podium offers three main pricing plans: Core, Pro, and Signature.

The Core plan starts at $399 per month and is targeted at small businesses. It includes basic features like SMS/text messaging, customer profiles, team messaging, and more. The Pro plan starts at $599 per month and adds features like multi-channel messaging, advanced analytics, and team management tools. Finally, the Signature plan is customizable and is meant for large enterprises, with additional features like priority support, custom onboarding, and API access.

In summary, Podium’s pricing ranges from $399 per month up to whatever custom price fits your business, based on the features and scale you need.

Features Comparison by Plan

Podium offers three main pricing plans: Core, Pro, and Signature. Each plan includes a different set of features suited for businesses at various stages of growth.The Core plan offers basic two-way texting capabilities for small businesses, while the Pro plan expands features like team accounts, keywords, and surveys. Signature offers unlimited usage of Podium’s full suite of text marketing tools for larger organizations.

User Limits per Plan

Podium offers different user limits based on the pricing plan you select. Here’s an overview of the number of users included in each tier:

  • The Core and Pro plans include 1-4 users for $309 per month per user. Additional users can be added for $25 per month per user.
  • The Signature pricing plan is customizable based on your organization’s needs. Discounts are available.

The Signature plan is best suited for businesses that need more than 10 users. The per user cost decreases at higher user counts, making the Signature plan more cost effective.

Podium does not charge extra for admin users, so regular and admin users count equally towards plan limits.

Additional Fees

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, there are some other costs to factor in with Podium’s pricing:

  • Setup fees: Podium does not charge any setup fees to get started. Implementation and onboarding are included.
  • Additional users: Extra users above the limit allowed on each plan cost $50/month per user.
  • Payment processing: Podium charges a small transaction fee for each payment processed through the platform. This ranges from 2.15%–2.9% plus $0.15–$0.30 per transaction.
  • Phone numbers: Getting dedicated local phone numbers costs $5/month per number beyond any included in the plan.

Overall, Podium does not charge any substantial fees beyond the base monthly pricing. The additional costs are quite reasonable compared to competitors.

Podium Pricing vs. Competitors

When comparing Podium to competitor text marketing platforms like Textedly and SimpleTexting, Podium tends to be more affordable for small businesses. According to reviews on G2, Podium offers strong value and capabilities at lower price points than some alternatives.

For example, Textedly’s pricing starts at $26/month for 600 messages, compared to Podium’s Core plan which starts at $399/month for unlimited messages. Overall, Podium provides more contacts per dollar than Textedly at most pricing tiers based on reviews on G2.

When looking at features, Podium includes two-way messaging, surveys, email marketing, and team accounts even at its lowest pricing tier. Comparable competitors like SimpleTexting offer two-way messaging only at higher price points starting at $350/month according to Capterra’s research. This data suggests Podium offers stronger capabilities for the money. Podium remains cost-competitive, especially for small to medium businesses with typical text marketing needs.

When to Choose Each Plan

Deciding between Podium’s Core, Pro, and Signature plans depends on your business’s specific needs and size. Here are some recommendations.

Core Plan

Best for small businesses with 1-2 locations and under 15 employees. Offers core features like 2-way business texting, reviews management, and basic analytics at the lowest price point starting at $399/month.

Pro Plan

Ideal for growing businesses with up to 5 locations and under 50 employees. Adds more advanced features like lead forms, multi-location management, and custom integrations. Pricing starts at $599/month.

Signature Plan

Made for large enterprises with unlimited locations and over 50 employees. Includes premier success management, custom onboarding, and executive reporting. Pricing is customizable based on your needs.

Consider moving up tiers as your business expands and requires more sophisticated tools. Podium’s sales team can also provide customized quotes and packages for large organizations.

Pricing FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Podium’s pricing and plans:

What is the cost for additional users?

Podium charges $25 per month for each additional user above the limit included in your plan. Each plan starts with up to four users for $30 per month per user, with additional users costing $25 per month per user.

Is there a contract or commitment?

No, Podium does not require any long-term contract or commitment. You can cancel your plan at any time.

Are there setup fees?

No, Podium does not charge any setup fees to get started. You simply sign up for the plan you want and can immediately start using the platform.

What features are excluded in the cheaper plans?

The main limitations are on the number of users, messages, and advanced features like multi-location management. However, core functionality like SMS, Voice, Review Generation, and Team Inbox are included in all plans.

A better Podium Alternative?

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