Is Birdeye’s Reputation Management Pricing Worth It?

Birdeye is a leading online reputation management and review generation platform for local businesses. According to their website, Birdeye helps businesses “generate, manage and leverage customer feedback to drive revenue and growth.”

With Birdeye, businesses can collect reviews across various sites, respond to feedback, promote positive reviews, and analyze their online reputation. Key features include review generation, review management, surveys, social listening, messaging, and analytics.

This article aims to evaluate Birdeye’s pricing and compare it to alternative reputation management platforms. We’ll analyze the costs of different Birdeye plans, look at competitor pricing, and determine the key factors to consider when deciding if Birdeye is worth the investment for a local business.

Breakdown of Birdeye Pricing

Birdeye offers three main pricing plans for businesses to choose from based on their needs and budget.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan starts at $299 per location with a prepaid annual plan and includes core features like review monitoring for one location and the ability to respond to reviews. This basic plan is best suited for very small businesses with just a single location.

Growth Plan

The Growth plan starts at $399 per location with a prepaid annual plan and adds features like review generation campaigns, customer surveys, social listening, and multi-location support. This mid-range plan works for businesses with up to 10 locations.

Dominate Plan

The Dominate plan starts at $499 per location with a prepaid annual plan and has all the features of the lower tiers plus more advanced options like competitor monitoring, custom reporting, and a dedicated account manager. This premium tier is designed for large brands with many locations nationwide.

How Birdeye Pricing Compares to Top Alternatives

When evaluating Birdeye’s pricing, it’s useful to compare it to some of the top competitors in the reputation management space. Two of the leading alternatives are ReputationStacker and Get More Reviews.

ReputationStacker’s pricing starts at $69 per location per month for the Lite plan, going up to $79 for the Standard plan, and $99 for the Professional plan. The Lite plan includes unlimited email invites and standard security. The higher-tier plans add on features like text invites, review monitoring, and tools and reports.

Get More Reviews starts at $99 per month for local businesses and scales up to custom pricing for agencies. Their plans also include features like review generation, surveys, social listening, competitor tracking, and custom reporting.

Compared to these options, Birdeye is pricier. ReputationStacker and Get More Reviews, however, focus exclusively on reputation management, while Birdeye provides other services like websites and SEO. This more diversified offering can be a pro or con depending on your specific needs. Considering the specific features you need and total ongoing fees will be important in comparing value.

Key Factors to Consider When Evaluating Birdeye’s Cost

When determining if Birdeye is worth the investment, there are a few key factors local businesses should consider.

The number of locations you need to manage reputation and reviews for is a major cost driver. Birdeye charges per location, with prices starting at $299 per month for one location. Additional locations cost more with the Starter plan.

You’ll also want to evaluate which specific Birdeye features are must-haves for your business. For example, if you need the Review Generation feature to actively request reviews, that bumps the cost up to $399 per month for the Growth plan.

Your overall budget and ROI goals for reputation management should also influence your decision. While Birdeye has a robust feature set, there may be lower cost alternatives if you have a smaller budget. You’ll want to weigh the potential impact of more positive reviews against the monthly cost.

Birdeye does offer annual prepay discounts, which can reduce the per month cost. There are also options to pay quarterly. Multi-location discounts are also available if you have more than 10 locations. These discounts can make the pricing more affordable if you qualify.

According to Birdeye’s website, you can try Birdeye free for 15 days to evaluate the platform hands-on before committing. This trial is useful for assessing the user experience and customer support to determine if it’s the right solution for your business.

Is Birdeye Worth the Cost?

When considering the value of Birdeye’s services, it’s important to look at the bigger picture of reputation management. According to TrustRadius, users find Birdeye to be “a valuable tool for any industry, providing immediate and impressive results in boosting online reviews and reputation.”

With over a decade of experience specializing in online reviews and reputation management, Birdeye has proven results in this space. As one GetApp reviewer shared, “We have reviewed at least 10 of them over the years and find Birdeye to be the best.”

That said, alternatives like ReputationStacker or Get More Reviews may better suit some businesses’ specific needs and budgets. The trial period lets you evaluate Birdeye hands-on to determine if it’s the right fit.

Compared to competitors, Birdeye’s pricing is competitive—not the cheapest, but not outrageous either. And the value of increased positive reviews is substantial for any local business vying for customers’ attention.

Ultimately, Birdeye offers a robust platform with competitive pricing in the reputation management space. Leveraging the free trial to test it out is recommended to determine if the investment will pay off for your unique business needs.


Birdeye offers reputation management and review generation services starting at $299 per location, with a prepaid annual plan. When evaluating the pricing, it’s important to consider your specific business needs and budget. Birdeye pricing is comparable to competitors like ReputationStacker and Get More Reviews, which can also be evaluated as alternatives. Key factors include the number of locations you need to manage, must-have features, and your goals for ROI on reputation management.

While not cheap, online reviews are becoming increasingly critical for today’s local businesses to succeed. According to research, reviews can improve local SEO rankings, visibility to customers, and trust in your business.

Before committing, leverage Birdeye’s free trial period to determine if the platform and pricing are the right fit. But given Birdeye’s specialization and proven results, the investment may prove worthwhile if online reputation is a priority for your local marketing strategy.

A better BirdEye Alternative

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: ReputationStacker offers more affordable pricing plans compared to BirdEye, making it a budget-friendly choice for local businesses looking to manage their online reputation without breaking the bank.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: With its straightforward and intuitive interface, ReputationStacker allows local business owners to easily manage and generate customer reviews without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.
  • Focus on Review Generation: ReputationStacker specializes in automating the process of requesting and collecting customer reviews, ensuring a consistent flow of positive feedback to boost your business’s online reputation effectively.
  • Flexible, No Long-Term Contracts: Unlike BirdEye, ReputationStacker offers month-to-month plans without long-term commitments, providing local businesses with the flexibility to adjust their services as their needs evolve.


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