Can You Use Google Reviews On Social Media?

If you are a business owner, you’ll know the feeling that comes with receiving a positive review from a customer.

It’s only natural to feel proud of the positive reviews you’ve earned, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to showcase them on social media.

Your online reputation is built on positive customer reviews, which are real-life testimonials of the good service you have provided.

For new customers, reviews inspire trust and even influence purchase decisions.

You’ll be glad to know that your Google reviews can be turned into powerful social media content, which will offer even more benefits to your business’s success.

Google reviews can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Still, there is a right way to post your Google reviews - not only so that they appear credible and professional, but so that you avoid violating any guidelines.

So, before using customer reviews on social media, it’s important to follow best practices.

But don’t worry, as this guide has all the information you need to know about sharing Google reviews following best practices.

The Benefits Of Sharing Google Reviews

Aside from inspiring trust and positively influencing buyer decisions in general, what are the benefits of sharing Google reviews on social media?

We all know how popular social media is, so it’s an important area for your business to establish a presence on.

And if you have yet to set up a social media page for your business (a Facebook Business Page at the minimum), you are missing out on a world of marketing potential.

Sharing your positive Google reviews on social media is just one way you can use these platforms to engage customers and increase your reach.

And the benefits include:

  • Promoting your good service and/or products
  • Increasing leads and sales
  • Boosting your overall social media content 
  • Getting creative - add captions, hashtags, and more to the reviews you share
  • Sharing valuable product/service specifics that your customers have provided in their reviews
  • Increasing business exposure through likes, content shares, and promotions (Page Promotions on Facebook)

Reasons To Not Share Google Reviews

We’ve looked at the benefits of sharing Google reviews on your social media platforms, but are there disadvantages or reasons not to share Google reviews?

In general, there are no real disadvantages to sharing your Google reviews. However, there are a few reasons not to share them, which are worth knowing.

The first reason is if your business has a majority of bad reviews yet, despite that, you choose to share one of your positive reviews.

This can be considered deceptive, which can not only lead to more unhappy customers (and more negative reviews), but the risk of damaging your overall credibility.

Another reason to not share Google reviews is if the positive review is fake or ingenuine.

This includes purchased reviews, illegally or questionably incentivized reviews, and reviews posted by friends or family.

So the reviews you use on social media should accurately reflect your products/services and be posted by real customers.

Ultimately, this is to avoid deceiving followers and customers.

Do You Need Permission To Share Reviews?

Whether or not a customer’s permission is needed for businesses to share reviews is a gray area that requires treading lightly.

There are several factors to consider here, such as review guidelines, which vary slightly depending on the review site, as well as where and how the review is shared.

Due to this, it’s important that your business shares its reviews carefully.

On Google’s Brand Resource Center, Google states that: 

“User reviews belong to the person who wrote them, even if they’re written on your business’s listing.

You must obtain consent from the reviewer if you want to use customer reviews of your business for your own marketing purposes.”

Overall, getting permission from your customers to share their reviews (anywhere) is recommended - even as a sign of common courtesy to reduce any risk of upsetting your customers.

In addition to that, you should always check the review site’s guidelines to know where and how you can share your customers’ reviews.

Can You Use Google Reviews on Social Media?

How To Share Google Reviews On Social Media

As mentioned, sharing Google reviews on social media—and anywhere online, in general—should follow best practices, which includes using recognized sharing methods.

This is to ensure it’s done not just professionally, but convincingly.

As an example, copying and pasting review text is not going to look professional or convincing when posted to social media.

The name and date of the review might be included, but there is nothing sourcing the review site and the review itself, including the original poster (customer).

With screenshots, which look more professional, it’s helpful to include a clickable link that sources the review. 

There are several ways to correctly share Google reviews on social media, but the simplest method is to retrieve the review link and create a post using the link.

How To Share A Google Review On Facebook And Twitter

  1. Log in to your Google Business Profile (make sure it is claimed and verified)

  2. Find the Google review you want to share, using the filters if needed

  3. Click on “Share” (located beside “Like”)

  4. Copy the URL OR click the icon for Facebook or Twitter

  5. If using the URL, paste the link into a new post using Facebook or Twitter

Share Reviews Using Google Business Profile Marketing Kit

Another way to share Google reviews on social media is to use the Google Business Profile Marketing Kit. 

As long as your Business Profile is verified, Google Business Marketing Kit is free to use, allowing you to create and download marketing materials to display in-store or post on social media.

Google reviews can be shared on social media using this method, complete with customizable designs.

To share reviews using Google Business Profile Marketing Kit:

  1. Go to the Marketing Kit website and enter your business name (a verified Business Profile is required)

  2. Under “Put the best of your Business Profile on Display”, click “Customize”

  3. Select the review you want to share and click “Next”

  4. Choose your preferred style and color

  5. Click “Finish” and then “Download Kit”

The kit will download as a ZIP file containing the digital images (of the reviews) you created, ready to share on social media.

How To Get More Reviews On Google

The best reviews to share on social media are the newest positive reviews your business has received.

This is important because new reviews are more relevant, giving customers the most accurate representation of your business.

So, for the reviews you share on social media to be effective, your business needs to be receiving new positive reviews consistently.

We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to get reviews - let alone positive reviews on a regular basis.

It isn’t impossible, however, especially when you streamline the review process to make getting reviews easy.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get more Google reviews, ReputationStacker is the solution.

In fact, its fully automated review funnel won’t just help your business get more reviews on Google, but across every major review site.

All you have to do is watch as your business gets more reviews.

And when those reviews come in, ReputationStacker’s automated tools will share them on Facebook and Twitter for you.

By joining the thousands of businesses already using ReputationStacker, you’ll find out just how effortless it is to get more reviews and share them automatically using one powerful tool.


Ian Kirby has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years. Having worked both with and for digital marketing agencies and in-house with multiple companies, he has a specific interest and expertise in online reputation management, online reviews, and the implementation of business systems. Ian’s writing, videos, and interviews have garnered millions of reads, views, and listens.


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