2017-2018 Scholarship


ReputationStacker is committed to helping students receive a higher education. We’re in the business of helping businesses fuel their growth, and in an effort of good stewardship, want to extend that help to future business owners. To show our commitment to those who will one day run the businesses that we rely on, we have an annual ReputationStacker Scholarship program.


How Much?

ReputationStacker will offer a scholarship of $1,000 to be paid to any college or university towards the cost of tuition. The scholarship money will be paid in one lump sum payment to the school and cannot be broken up into various semesters.

Who Can Apply?

For this scholarship opportunity, you must be applying to enroll in college for the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 semester, or already be enrolled.  You can apply for this scholarship if you are:

  • A high-school student attending college for the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 semester.
  • An undergrad student who is currently enrolled.
  • A grad student who is currently enrolled.


How Do I Apply?

During the application process, will be accepting applications in the following way:

  • Write an article of at least 500 words and up to 1,500 words, on how online reviews swayed your decision regarding what college/university you ultimately chose to attend. If the reviews played a role, how, where and why? And if online reviews played no role, why is that, and do you use online reviews for other purchasing decisions.
  • The article should be emailed to [email protected] only during the application period.  Articles sent before or after will not be considered.
  • Make sure to include your contact information. List your full name, phone number, and email address.
  • Must be in Word format or PDF.  No other formats will be accepted.
  • Do not include anything other than your article and contact information.


When Can I Apply?

We will be accepting articles between May 1st, 2017 until July 31st, 2017.


How Will The Winner Be Determined?

We will review and select the top five articles that we view best capture the essence of the contest.  Once we have selected the top five articles, we will post them on our blog and then share on our Facebook or Twitter.  The article that receives the most likes or tweets will be the winner.  The social sharing period will last for a two week period. If there is a tie or no article receives a majority of votes then the winner will be selected by ReputationStacker at its sole discretion.

When will the winner be selected?

We will review all articles by August 1st, and post them to the site during the month of August 2017.  The winner will be eligible for the $1,000 to be paid towards the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 semester.

*Terms & Conditions

By submitting your article to us, you expressly consent and authorize the transfer of ownership of your article to ReputationStacker to use as it sees fit throughout its website and social media networks.  If you do not agree to these terms, please do not submit your content for review. ReputationStacker exclusively reserves the right to determine in its discretion which five articles are deemed the best to be shared on its website and social media outlets.


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