Get More Five-Star Reviews + Examples to Boost Your Business

Online reviews have become an essential factor for the success of local businesses. Studies show that 92% of consumers now read reviews before trusting a business. Positive reviews bring visibility, attract new customers, and build credibility for local brands.

Specifically, five-star reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook stand out as the most beneficial. They immediately convey quality and excellence. According to research, businesses with mostly five-star ratings can expect more leads and sales. Getting more top-tier reviews should be a priority for any local company looking to grow.

Why Five-Star Reviews Matter

Positive online reviews, especially five-star reviews, are crucial for any local business to succeed in today’s digital landscape. 

95% of consumers search for local businesses online, and 91% say reviews impact their purchase decision. Reviews allow potential customers to evaluate your business before ever walking in the door.

Five-star reviews in particular do several key things:

  • Directly influence potential customers—Positive reviews build trust and make customers more likely to choose your business over competitors.
  • Build trust and social proof—Consistently positive five-star reviews help establish your business as a trusted, high-quality provider that meets customers’ needs.
  • Improve local SEO rankings—Review volume and score factor into search engine results. More five-star reviews can help you rank higher.
  • Encourage repeat business from happy customers—Positive reviews reassure existing customers and make them more likely to return and use your services again.

In today’s digital world, five-star reviews are make-or-break for any local business. They directly impact your reputation, reach, revenue, and success. This is why proactively getting more five-star reviews should be a top priority.

Characteristics of a Five-Star Review

A five-star review provides detailed, authentic feedback based on the reviewer’s experience. The best reviews highlight excellent service, quality products that exceeded expectations, and sincere satisfaction. They are also free of grammar and spelling errors and written in a way that feels genuine.

According to Trustpilot’s guide, a good review includes specifics on what factors contributed to the positive experience. Providing details demonstrates the review is authentic and shows future customers more precisely what they can expect.

Additionally, five-star reviews emphasize the areas where a business exceeded the customer’s standards and delivered exceptional service. As recommends, it’s important to highlight these positives while still being honest.

Lastly, a top review has a sincere tone and lacks obvious grammar or spelling mistakes. While typos are understandable, reviews with care put into the writing come across as more genuine and trustworthy. The goal is for the review to look natural, not manufactured.

Encouraging Five-Star Reviews

There are several effective strategies local businesses can use to proactively encourage more five-star reviews from happy customers:

  • Ask satisfied customers directly—Don’t be afraid to personally ask customers who you provided excellent service to if they would be willing to leave an online review. Be polite and thankful when making the request. You can ask in person or follow up later via email or text.
  • Follow up after appointments/transactions—Having a system to follow up a few days or a week after a customer interaction is crucial. This is the perfect time to check on their satisfaction and ask for a review while their experience is still fresh.
  • Offer incentives through referral programs—Consider offering a small incentive like a discount code or free item to customers who leave five-star reviews. This can motivate satisfied customers to take action and leave that coveted top rating.
  • Make it easy with review links/widgets—Having direct review links or review widgets on your website makes it effortless for customers. Reduce friction by putting the review process right at their fingertips.

Responding to Five-Star Reviews

When a happy customer takes the time to leave a glowing five-star review, it’s important to show your appreciation by responding professionally and positively. According to, replying to positive feedback allows you to express gratitude and build relationships with satisfied customers.

When crafting your response, be sure to thank the reviewer personally by name. This shows you took the time to read their feedback and value their business. For example: “Hi [customer’s name], thank you so much for your kind words and five-star rating. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your positive experience.”

You should also highlight any specific praise mentioned in the review, such as excellent service or high-quality products. Your response can reinforce what sets your brand apart. “We’re so glad you enjoyed the friendly service from our staff. Providing excellent customer service is one of our core values.”

Additionally, your reply is a chance to reinforce your brand identity and values. Let the praise in the review reflect positively on your business as a whole. “Thank you for recognizing our commitment to using only high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.”

You can also invite the customer to return or continue using your services. “We hope to see you again soon!” You can even offer a special promotion for happy reviewers to encourage repeat business.

Keep your responses authentic, thoughtful, and concise. Responding to positive reviews strengthens customer loyalty and gives potential new customers another reason to choose your business.

Promoting Five-Star Reviews

After you’ve received positive five-star reviews, it’s important to then promote and showcase them to build credibility with potential new customers. Here are some effective ways to highlight your rave reviews:

  • Share on social media like Facebook and Twitter by quoting or embedding select reviews—this allows you to easily spread positive word of mouth. You can also feature them prominently on your website’s testimonials page.
  • Spotlight select five-star reviews in email newsletters and print materials like brochures or catalogs. Adding social proof of your quality and service with positive customer testimonials can be very persuasive.

Promoting your reviews adds third party credibility as well as first-hand positive experiences. This builds trust and reputation with new visitors to help convert them to customers.

According to research, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, leveraging your five-star feedback is key to success.

Review Sites to Focus On

When trying to attract more five-star reviews, it’s important to focus your efforts on the review sites that matter most for your business. The major review platforms that should be top priorities are:

  • Google—Reviews posted here will show up in Google search results and Maps, giving you valuable real estate for SEO. Google also aggregates reviews from other sites.
  • Facebook—With billions of active users, Facebook is key for reaching local customers. Reviews are very visible on your Facebook Business Page.
  • Yelp—One of the most popular review sites, especially for restaurants, retail, and local services, Yelp is highly influential for consumers.

Additionally, pay attention to influential industry-specific review sites relevant to your business vertical, such as HealthGrades for physicians or for auto dealers.

By monitoring and encouraging reviews on the major platforms plus niche sites related to your industry, you can maximize your exposure and improve your reputation online.

Avoiding Review Fraud

While positive reviews are critical, it’s important not to incentivize or pay for fake reviews. This is considered review fraud and can have serious legal and reputation consequences if you are caught. Never offer rewards or perks solely for positive reviews. This violates many review site’s terms of service. If offering incentives, they should be offered for any review—positive or negative.

Watch for suspicious competitor reviews, like multiple five-star reviews posted around the same time. You can try flagging these as potentially fraudulent on sites like Yelp. Avoid publicly accusing competitors of fraud without proof, which can backfire.

The FTC provides guidelines on avoiding fake reviews and pay-for-post arrangements. Follow their advice, as fraudulent reviews can lead to fines or worse. As the FTC states:”If you think there’s been a violation of the law, report it to the FTC.”

While boosting positive reviews has appeal, fake or paid reviews endanger credibility. Rely on authentic word-of-mouth from satisfied customers for the best business reputation. As the saying goes: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Monitoring Reviews

Monitoring and responding to reviews frequently is key to maintaining a strong online reputation. Check review sites regularly to stay on top of new reviews and respond promptly. Setting up alerts and notifications can help streamline the process.

Google Alerts is a free tool that can notify you whenever your business name, keywords, or certain phrases are mentioned online. You can set up alerts for blogs, news sites, forums, review sites, and more. This allows you to find new reviews quickly without having to manually check dozens of sites.

Many review platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor also have options to get email alerts when new reviews are posted. Turning these notifications on makes it easy to stay in the loop. Some tools like ReviewTrackers can also consolidate alerts from multiple sites in one dashboard.

With real-time alerts, you can promptly address negative reviews before they gain traction. Positive reviews present an opportunity to thank happy customers. Monitoring reviews/mentions regularly is essential for shaping how your business is perceived online.


In today’s digital landscape, five-star reviews are more critical than ever for local businesses. Positive reviews boost visibility, establish credibility, attract new customers, and increase revenue and profits. However, five-star reviews don’t just happen—they must be proactively pursued. By focusing on providing top-notch customer experiences, asking happy customers for feedback, responding appropriately, and promoting rave reviews across channels, local businesses can stand out.

Here are some key takeaways on how to gain more five-star reviews:

  • Deliver excellent service and value to turn customers into advocates.
  • Make the review process easy by providing links and reminders.
  • Follow up after positive interactions and transactions.
  • Highlight specific praise when responding to reviewers.
  • Share and showcase reviews on websites and social media.
  • Monitor review sites regularly to encourage more reviews.

With a thoughtful strategy and commitment to customer satisfaction, any local business can build an impressive online reputation, one five-star review at a time.


Ian Kirby has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years. Having worked both with and for digital marketing agencies and in-house with multiple companies, he has a specific interest and expertise in online reputation management, online reviews, and the implementation of business systems. Ian’s writing, videos, and interviews have garnered millions of reads, views, and listens.


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