Is BrightLocal Worth the Cost? Plans, Pricing, & Value Breakdown

BrightLocal has 3 SEO plans: Track at $39 per month, Manage at $49 per month, and Grow at $59/mo. Compare features and costs.


BrightLocal is a UK-based software company founded in 2009 by Richard Hyams and Mike Rhodes. The company started as a directory submissions business before transitioning to focus on local SEO software and tools.

BrightLocal aims to help local businesses, agencies, and marketers improve their local search engine rankings and online presence. Their main offerings include local citation building, review generation, Google My Business optimization, and local search ranking tracking.

The company currently serves over 80,000 customers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. BrightLocal is headquartered in Bristol, UK and has additional offices in London and Vancouver.

Track Plan Overview

The Track plan starts at $39 per month and is the most affordable option BrightLocal offers. It includes the core features needed for basic local SEO:

  • Local ranking reports to track your keyword rankings
  • Citation audit to identify and fix citation issues
  • Google Business Profile audit to optimize your listing

The Track plan is best suited for small businesses who want to monitor their local SEO efforts and address basic optimizations. According to BrightLocal’s website, it’s a good option if you’re just getting started with local SEO or have a limited budget.

Manage Plan Overview

The Manage plan starts at $49 per month and builds on the Track plan by adding more robust features for actively managing local SEO campaigns.

With the Manage plan, you get everything in the Track plan plus:

  • Listing Management to update and sync key business listings across 50+ sites like Yelp, Facebook, Apple Maps, etc. Listing management is $2.50 per listing per month.
  • Review Generation to get more Google reviews, the key factor in local search. Reviews are $1.50 per live Google review.
  • Advanced reporting and lead generation features.

The Manage plan is ideal for active local marketers who want to monitor and improve their local SEO on an ongoing basis. It provides more robust tools while still being affordable for small businesses compared to higher tier plans.

Grow Plan Overview

The Grow plan starts at $59 per month and is the most comprehensive offering from BrightLocal. It includes all of the features in the Track and Manage plans, plus some additional capabilities.

Key features unique to the Grow plan include:

  • Google Posts: Schedule social media posts directly on Google Business Profile
  • Enhanced reporting: Get weekly ranking reports and more data
  • Multiple users: Allow team members access to your BrightLocal account

The Grow plan is ideal for established small businesses and agencies managing multiple locations. The expanded features allow you to scale your local SEO efforts and delegate tasks across a team.

Overall, the Grow plan provides robust capabilities for anyone looking to take their local SEO to the next level. The additional monthly cost compared to lower tiers provides substantial value through expanded tools, reporting, and users.

Pricing for Small Businesses vs Agencies

BrightLocal offers different pricing tiers based on whether you are a small business or an agency/multi-location business. For small businesses, pricing starts at $39 per month for the Track plan. The Manage plan is $49 per month, while the Grow plan is $59 per month for small businesses.

For agencies and multi-location businesses, BrightLocal offers custom pricing plans to accommodate larger account needs. Pricing is based on the number of locations you need to manage. On average, agencies pay 20-30% more than an equivalent small business plan to access features like multi-user logins, API access, and dedicated support.

The main pricing differences come down to the number of locations supported and the availability of features like API access that are more relevant to agencies. But the core tools and functionality are similar between the small business and agency plans.

Cost Breakdown of Key BrightLocal Features

One of the most important factors in determining if BrightLocal’s pricing is worthwhile is understanding what key features cost. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main capabilities and their associated fees.

Citation Building

Citations are essential for improving local SEO rankings. With BrightLocal, customers can purchase citations individually at a rate of $3.20 per citation submitted. There are packages available to submit citations in bulk at discounted rates.

Listing Management

Keeping your NAP (name, address, phone) information consistent across directories is key. With BrightLocal’s listing management, they will update and monitor your listings for $2.50 per listing per month.

Review Generation

Customer reviews are very influential in local search, so generating more reviews is important. BrightLocal charges $1.50 for every live Google review they publish for your business.

Comparison to Competitors

BrightLocal’s pricing and plans are very similar to competitors like Moz Local, Yext, and SEMrush. These tools also use monthly subscription models at comparable price points.

For example, Moz Local starts at $99 per month for their Standard plan. This plan includes features like local rankings tracking, citation audit, and review monitoring. Yext begins at $199 per month for their software and services. The Yext plan provides listings management, analytics, and review generation.

SEMrush is one of the more affordable competitors, with plans starting at $99.95 per month. You get access to keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking and other SEO tools.

Overall, BrightLocal tends to be slightly more affordable than these options for small businesses on a tight budget. The entry-level Track plan is only $39 per month. However, the higher-tier Grow plan at $59 per month is similar in price to competitors.

For agencies managing local SEO at scale, competitors like Moz and Yext provide more advanced features and integrations. But BrightLocal remains a cost-effective starting point before upgrading.

Is BrightLocal Worth the Cost?

When evaluating if BrightLocal is worth the investment, it comes down to assessing the value it provides for the monthly cost. For small businesses, BrightLocal offers an affordable and effective solution for basic local SEO needs. The entry-level Track plan starts at just $39 per month and includes core features like citation audits, Google Business Profile audits, and local ranking reports. This plan can provide tremendous value for a local business owner trying to improve their local SEO and online visibility.

The key advantages of BrightLocal for small businesses are its ease of use, competitive pricing, and integration of essential local SEO tools into one platform. Small business owners often don’t have the time or expertise to manage local SEO themselves, so BrightLocal provides a simplified DIY approach. Though the tool may not have all the bells and whistles of enterprise-level solutions, it delivers on core functionality that produces results for small businesses.

For digital marketing agencies that manage local SEO across a large portfolio of clients, BrightLocal may not provide robust enough functionality. The lack of multi-location management and white label reporting features means BrightLocal isn’t built to scale for agencies. However, it can still serve as an entry-level local SEO tool for agencies just getting started with local search services.

In summary, BrightLocal offers excellent value for money for small businesses but has some limitations when it comes to supporting agencies with many clients. The free 14-day trial lets you evaluate the tool first-hand to determine if it meets your local SEO needs.

Who Should Consider BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is best suited for small businesses looking for an affordable and easy-to-use local SEO solution. According to reviews on TrustRadius, BrightLocal offers a valuable toolset that saves time and consolidates important local SEO activities like citations and reviews into one platform.

The platform makes local SEO accessible for small business owners who don’t have the resources for more complex tools. BrightLocal’s interface is intuitive and the features target small businesses, helping them improve local rankings. The company also provides onboarding, training, and support to guide users.

For marketing agencies and larger businesses, BrightLocal can serve as a good starting point before upgrading to more advanced solutions. It provides strong core local SEO capabilities like citation building, review generation, and ranking reports. While agencies may eventually outgrow BrightLocal, it can be a cost-effective option for testing out local SEO and getting basic clients set up.

A BrightLocal Alternative:

Unlike BrightLocal, ReputationStacker is:

  1. Cost-Effective: often offers more affordable pricing plans compared to BrightLocal, making it a budget-friendly option for small to medium-sized businesses.
  2. Specialized Focus: focuses specifically on generating and managing customer reviews, providing specialized tools tailored to enhance online reputation without the complexity of additional features.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: With a straightforward and intuitive design, is easy to set up and use, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their online reviews without extensive training.
  4. Automated Review Requests: The platform automates the process of requesting reviews from customers, ensuring a steady flow of feedback and saving time for business owners and staff.
  5. No Long-Term Contracts: offers flexible, month-to-month plans without locking businesses into long-term contracts, providing greater flexibility and control over reputation management efforts.


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