how to increase online reputation management

Online Reputation Management Tips For Local Businesses

We get it. “Reputation management” sounds like code used by old-timey mobsters or the PR team of a disgraced politician. But businesses of all kinds live and die by their reputations. And a good reputation takes work.

Think of reputation management as a little like selling a house. Would you invite prospective buyers in when the sink is full of dishes, every surface is covered with cat hair, and the fridge is leaking? Or would you try to show off your house looking its best so the right buyer will actually be drawn to it?

That’s what reputation management is all about.

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Online Reputation Management Guide

Online Reputation Management Guide

Oh, if it only it had been this easy to manage your reputation in high school. It may have been impossible to shake an embarrassing nickname or win the acceptance of the cool kids back then, but today you have the power to shape your own narrative – at least when it comes to your business reputation.

In today’s tech-focused world, people trust what they read online. There are certainly plenty of downsides to that, but it’s good news for you.

All you have to do is get people talking about all the great things about your business, and customers will come running.

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How To Get More Online Reviews From Customers

Getting More Online Reviews From Customers

Your grandfather’s farm didn’t need online reviews to succeed, but your farm-to-table restaurant certainly can’t survive without them.

It’s the rare business that can thrive in today’s marketplace on old fashioned word-of-mouth alone.

Today’s consumers expect to be able to read reviews about a business before using it for the first time, simply because they’re in the habit of doing just that.

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How To Collect Customer Feedback

How To Get Customer Feedback In Five Easy Steps

While you may not always like what your customers say (or how they say it), the feedback they provide about your business is priceless.

You’re the expert on running your business, but your customers are experts on using your business. They can tell you what’s working and help you figure out how to improve the things that aren’t.

All you have to do is follow this simple process to collect their feedback, and then know what to do with it (and we’ll of course tell you how).

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How restaurants can get more reviews

How Restaurants Can Get More Online Reviews

Unless you’re Jean-Georges himself, you probably could more customers coming in the doors.

The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries there is, and if you own or manage a restaurant, you already know that.

While slashing your prices or revamping your menu might attract new customers, it may also tank your business altogether.

There’s a better way of improving your bottom line, one that doesn’t require you to change a single thing about how you cook and serve your food.

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How To Buy Yelp Reviews

How to Buy Yelp Reviews – Read This First

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy you a good reputation… at least, not on Yelp’s watch.

That may seem like a shame at first glance. After all, wouldn’t things be simpler if you could just pay for some positive reviews to appear on your company’s Yelp page or even give your regular customers discounts or free stuff in exchange for writing reviews? Those posts would get new people to come in, and they would be so impressed by your service that they would go home and write their own real reviews, right?

Not so fast, cowboy – it doesn’t work that way.

Because while it’s possible that paying for a few Yelp reviews could go undiscovered, and the resulting reviews could help you improve business, it’s much more likely that this strategy will cause huge and lasting damage to your reputation.

Lucky for you there’s a better way.

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How To Fix A Bad Customer Service Experience

How To Turn A Bad Customer Experience Around

Maybe they just got some bad news.

Maybe they spilled their coffee and hit all red lights on their way to your business.

Maybe they woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or maybe they’re just impossible to please.

Whatever the reason, when you’re faced with an unhappy customer, it’s an opportunity to improve (even when the customer is completely wrong).

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How To Get Customer Testimonials Guide

How To Ask For Testimonials

Humans are social creatures, and we’re easily influenced by the behavior of others.

Knowningly or not, we choose clothing based on what others are wearing. We adjust our opinions based on what our friends post on social media. And when it comes time to make buying decisions – about everything from sandwiches to cars – we look to see what others are doing first.

As a business owner, you should celebrate this particular feature of human behavior.

That’s because people’s tendency to make decisions based on what others are doing gives you the power to influence the way your customers (and potential customers) see you. If you can satisfy a vocal group of customers, you can get them to work for you and bring others to your doorstep.

That’s the beauty of a concept called “social proof.”

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How hotels encourage guest reviews

How Hotels Can Get More Online Reviews

Reputation matters in every industry. But for hotels, a bad or even mediocre reputation can be disastrous.

That’s because hotels are one of the things consumers are most likely to use online reviews to find, and research shows that the lodging industry is one in which reputation matters most to consumers.

So in this competitive field, when Airbnb is eating up an ever-growing chunk of the lodging industry’s profits, setting yourself apart from your area’s other hotel options should be an essential part of your business model.

How do you do that? If you’re picturing an expensive marketing campaign and months of strategy meetings, think again. Improving your reputation is as simple as getting more online reviews, and with the right programs in place, getting those reviews might become one of the easiest parts of your job.

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How many reviews do I need for my business?

How Many Reviews Do You Need?

Some people love cilantro, others think it tastes like soap. Yankees or Red Sox? Talk about strong opinions. And if you ask 10 people about the best TV show on right now, you’ll probably get at least five different answers.

People have wildly different opinions about a lot of things, so when you’re looking for guidance on where to shop and who to hire, it can be hard to make a choice with confidence unless you can get some sense of a consensus: this business is basically good and trustworthy, that business is not.

That’s where online reviews come in. They give us the chance to learn about a lot of different people’s experiences with a business. If the overall consensus is good, that can be the deciding factor in determining whether you’ll use that business.

As a business owner, you can use that to your advantage… assuming you put the effort into making sure that your customers are having a good experience.

You deserve good reviews, but how can you make sure that you’re actually getting them?

And how many reviews do you need to convince prospective customers that you’re worth using?

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