You can order a year’s supply of dog food with a few clicks on a tablet and make phone calls without lifting a finger. (Getting Siri to actually call the right person is another story.)

But while advancing technology has made some parts of modern life easier, some corners of the Internet are like the Wild West.

Facebook, here’s looking at you.

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You can get a lot done in a few clicks these days. Just ask the people whose kids find their phones and “accidentally” order thousands of dollars of toys from Amazon in the space of 30 seconds.

If only it was that easy to improve your business’ online reputation. As any experienced owner or manager knows, cultivating a positive reputation is something that takes years of effort, tons of money and lots of one-on-one interactions with customers.

Wait a second… [Checks calendar, finds it’s no longer 1995.] Good news! A few clicks actually can improve your online reputation, if your clicking finger chooses wisely.

Passing a hard level of Candy Crush = wrong clicks. Embracing customer feedback software = right clicks.

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Everyone has that one relative who believes everything they read online.

Maybe your 90-year-old Grandma has fallen for the old “Nigerian prince” scam half a dozen times, or your cousin Billy suspects his boss is an alien because of something he saw shared on Facebook. (Everyone has a cousin like Billy.)

If you’re savvy enough to own or manage a business, though, you’re probably a little more… suspicious. When it comes to the internet, being suspicious is a good thing. It keeps you from clicking on the spam emails that infect laptops with malware and stops you from making those too-good-to-be-true Amazon purchases.

Sometimes, a healthy sense of skepticism can even improve your online reputation, especially when it helps you spot and remove fake Google reviews.

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“We don’t need electricity; these oil lamps work just fine.”

“We don’t need a phone line; our customers can come into the store with questions.”

“We don’t need computers; writing orders by hand has always worked.”

“We don’t need customer feedback software; asking customers in person for their feedback is fine for us.”

Some business owners have always been resistant to progress. After all, if the business is doing well, changing anything feels risky. But progress rolls on anyway, and anyone who resists adopting new technology risks getting left in the dust by savvier competitors.

All that makes sense, right? There’s just one thing left to solve, then: Just what the heck is customer feedback software, and how do you pick the right software for your business?

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You can buy a real coyote skull, bacon-flavored floss and a coffin on Amazon, so suffice it to say you can buy pretty much anything these days.

Business owners or managers might want to order bulk office supplies, a “World’s Best Boss” mug, and maybe a few five-star reviews…

It’s remarkably easy to pay for reviews, and often quite tempting too, especially since even just a few positive reviews can have a big impact on business. But there are some risks involved – sometimes very big risks (we’ll get to that in just a minute).

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What’s your business worth? Maybe, after a long talk with your bank, an analysis of your assets and some deeply boring research into valuation approaches, you could come up with a number. But that wouldn’t tell the whole story.

Your business represents countless hours that you’ve spent away from your family, worries that keep you up at night and the hassles that come with managing employees. Hopefully, your business also gives you tremendous satisfaction, to say nothing of the value that it brings your customers.

Or maybe you’re more interested in the dollar amount. Either way, your business is worth… well, a lot.

So what wouldn’t you do to improve it? And what would you pay for the tools that could bring about that improvement?

Customer service software makes it easy to take the steps necessary to grow your business, for dollars a day.

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