Can We Please Pay You Every Month?

Make money by partnering with ReputationStacker as an Affiliate.

Expert or Beginner, our Affiliate program makes it easy to sign up, earn and track what you make.

Make money while helping businesses get reviews from their customers with ReputationStacker. Set up your free Affiliate membership and start referring businesses and earning today!

Whether you're casual or looking for a full income, the ReputationStacker Affiliate program fits your needs. Use our incredibly easy tools to direct businesses to ReputationStacker, and we take it from there! Highlights of our program include:

Recurring 25% commission

60-day cookie duration

Get paid directly via PayPal

How the Affiliate Program Works

When you become an Affiliate, we'll provide you with an Affiliate Link.

You'll then refer businesses in need of getting more online reviews to ReputationStacker using your Affiliate Link.

Every time these businesses make their automatic monthly recurring payment to ReputationStacker, you will automatically receive a commission!

The more you refer, and the longer your referrals use their accounts, the more money you make.

Recurring Income

When someone you refer signs up, you'll earn on not only the initial sale, but also on the recurring payments they make.

Example: You refer Jack to us and he signs up for a $79/month plan. Each month Jack uses ReputationStacker you'll earn $19.75. After a year you've made $237.00.

But what happens when you refer 20 people? After a year you've made $4,740.

What about 50 people for a year? $11,850. 100 people? $23,700. 200 people? $47,400. 500 people? $118,500.

You can see the earnings potential. The more users you refer, the higher their plan, and the longer they use their accounts, the more money you make on an ongoing basis.

Requirements to Become an Affiliate

There are a few requirements in order to become a ReputationStacker Affiliate:

  • You must accept the terms of our Affiliate Agreement.
  • After we approve your application you'll need to enter your tax ID during registration, as we are required to generate form 1099-MISC for US citizens/entities earning more than $600/year in accordance with US tax law. 
  • You must have a PayPal account. We will directly deposit your earnings into your PayPal account. If you don't already have a PayPal account you can set one up in just a few minutes. 

Additional Important Details

  • Referrals who use your affiliate link are tagged with a tracking cookie so that if they register for a plan on a subsequent visit you will still receive credit for the referral. Tracking cookies are active for 60 days after your link is clicked. If the referral purchases after 60 days of clicking your affiliate link, they will need to click it again in order for you to receive credit.
  • The last affiliate link/code used when a new client registers is the one that will be credited with the referral.
  • Commissions are deposited into an affiliate's account 30-60 days after a referred client's payment is processed.
  • You may not use your own affiliate code on your own ReputationStacker account.

Questions? Check out the Affiliate Program FAQs or Contact us!

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