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Here are answers to the most common questions about the ReputationStacker Affiliate Program:

I'm an affiliate. How does the Affiliate Dashboard work?

Current ReputationStacker affiliates may login into the Affiliate Dashboard to access the following tabs:

  • Home: Shows your affiliate link as well as performance reports.
  • Links & Banners: Access text links and banners to promote ReputationStacker on your website and other media. Also create custom links to any page on the ReputationStacker website.
  • Account: Update your profile information and unsubscribe from commission notification emails if you're receiving too many.
  • Payments: See your payment history and your current balance.
  • Affiliate FAQ: That's this page you're currently viewing.
  • Logout 

What is the commission structure?

As a ReputationStacker affiliate you'll earn 25% commission for the lifetime of the subscription of the person you referred as long as yours is the last affiliate link they clicked before they signed up, and as long as they signed up within 60 days of clicking the link. 

For example, if your referral subscribes to our $99/month plan, you'll earn $24.75 each month that their subscription is active.


How long is the duration of the tracking cookie?

Your affiliate cookie expires 60 days after it's clicked, so even if your referral doesn't sign up until a few weeks later you will still be credited for the referral and earn your commission.

How do commission payouts work?

We pay out commissions at the beginning of each month for the time period approximately 30-60 days prior. So if the sale occurred in March, then you'll receive your commission payment at the beginning of May. Note that if the user purchased a plan that includes a free trial, the date of sale is recorded at the end of the free trial (as opposed to the date that they signed up). Also note that there is a $35 minimum payout, meaning that you must have a balance of at least $35 in your account in order for a payout to be processed.


How do I get paid?

We pay you directly through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, just go to and click the "Sign Up" button. Complete sign up and be sure to connect a bank account to your PayPal account. Then in your ReputationStacker Affiliate Dashboard, go to the "Account" tab, enter the email address you used to register your PayPal account with in the "PayPal Email" field, scroll to the bottom and click "Save Profile".

Why do you need my address and tax ID#?

We are required to issue a W9 form for all affiliates earning $600 or more in a calendar year.

I have more questions!

We're here to help! Please let us know any questions we can answer for you or anything else we can assist with here.

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